I am proud to announce my biggest release yet. “Life Happens”,
tells the story of how one set of circumstances can lead to another and then another,
ultimately coming together for a happy ending.

“Life Happens”, tells the story of how one set of circumstances can lead to another and then another, ultimately coming together for a happy ending.


01.  Champagne Wishes

02.   Life Happens

03.   Adriana

04.  One More Day

05.  Train to Nashville

06.  Wondering Why

07.  Burning Bridges

08.   Alarm

09.  I Can't Take It

10.  Breaking Heart

11.  Spoiled Rotten

At first, Tyler Lee’s story sounds like a broken record. Like so many who come to Nashville looking for their big break, Tyler grew up wanting his life to revolve around music, writing his first song at age ten. After trying – and failing – to conform to a 9-5 lifestyle in order to appease his family, he focused on writing, performing and recording his music, ultimately moving to Music City in 2012.  But two or three cuts into his newly released album, “Life Happens”, and you realize why Lee is not an embodiment of the songwriter wanna be cliché: he’s good.


“Well, sure! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want my music to be heard by the masses”, grins Lee. “I hope someday to be out there touring … overwhelmed with requests for new songs … bringing in a nice cash flow…”, he chuckles, acknowledging the pretentious nature of his statement. “Besides,” he continues, “I learned quickly that women don’t like men without money!”


Although Lee has a sense of humor about his career aspirations, when he talks about his music, he gets serious.  “I got tired of listening to songs that so often don’t have any real meaning,” he explains.  “It made me more determined than ever to make my own music.”


Lee describes his music as “soulful pop-rock with a hint of alternative country here and there”.  It’s no wonder his style is a mix of genres – the list of those who have influenced him ranges from Eminem to The Eagles … a wide swath of musical tastes.  And “Life Happens” is an example of how varied Lee’s sound can be.


“I wanted all of the songs on the album to sound different – each cut telling a different story … stories that connect with people from all walks of life,” Lee says. “My songwriting is very personal, coming from deep within my soul. I want my music to elicit the same raw emotions in others”.


Lee says his mother suggested that his songs were a little too deep. “She wanted to know why everything I write is so intense,” Lee laughs. “She told me she wanted me to write at least one song with a happy ending”.   “Life Happens”, which tells the story of how one set of circumstances can lead to another and then another, ultimately coming together for a happy ending, is, indeed, the most upbeat of all the songs on Lee’s first album project.  “Yeah, I wrote that one for her,” he says. “And turns out that cut is the title track.”


Even though Lee has yet to break into the “big time”, he already has plans to give back. “I want to be successful, but mostly because that will allow me to write more songs and play more music,” he says. “And I want to be able to pay it forward to others, giving back to those who helped me along the way. In fact, I’m already thinking about some kind of foundation that provides help and encouragement to others who have a dream of being an artist, a musician, a songwriter or a performer.”


Tyler Lee is good. At songwriting. With his music. And obviously, as a person.


“More than anything, I want my music to make people think a little bit deeper about the things that are most important.”





Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he is pursuing a career as a singer songwriter. He is the son of a construction estimator and hair stylist  - the eldest of their three boys. Lee attended college on a basketball scholarship, graduating with a degree in marketing. Music is his primary passion, but he’s also an avid sports fan of all of Detroit’s professional sports teams, and of course, a die hard fan of the Nashville Predators.  For booking information and interviews please drop us message click the link below.


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